New Tokai Partnership

Bruce Haywood and Lisa Rowell have joined forces!

Combining their specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience to bring both a fresh energy and their service driven benefits to Tokai where they are both residents.

Working from the prominent Chas Everitt Office on Tokai Road right opposite the Blue Route Mall, they are ideally positioned to attract walk in buyers.  And with their fingers firmly on the pulse of community happenings via the many social media blogs they both co-sponsor, not to mention state of the property market intelligence, they justifiably claim specialist knowledge of the area and what’s happening with house sales.

Alongside the blogs, they also sponsor the Community Directory which is a Google search optimized directory of small businesses, owned and operated by residents of the Southern Suburbs.  Give them a call for details for this FREE service.

Available ’24/7′ please do not hesitate to give Bruce and Lisa a call for any property related issue.

Lisa & Bruce

Lisa Rowell
082 844 0800
Bruce Haywood
082 555 6810

Show Time this Sunday in Steenberg Golf Estate

SteenbergSteenberg Estate offers luxurious, exclusive living for its homeowners. One of the best places in Cape Town to own property, a home on this Estate is a wise investment, and provides superlative living.

With 24-hour security, homeowners enjoy complete peace of mind as they experience the Estate’s features, including one of the best 18-hole golf courses in South Africa, fine dining options and picturesque scenery.

This three bedroom home embraces sunlight with two sunrooms. One has views of the golf course and the other leads out onto the pool. Read more about this Steenberg Golf Estate property for sale 

Contact Sally Gracie on 083 459 3523 or Barbie Mark on 083 778 6644 for further queries.

Showhouse is this Sunday, 29 November 2015 from 2pm – 5pm.

Tokai Property Snapshot

Tokai Property Snapshot – 3rd Quarter 2014 vs 2015:

There is not a huge difference in property statistics but interesting nonetheless.  There were 11 sales for a total of R37,340,000 in 2014 and 13 sales for a total of R48,305,000 in 2015.  So the extra two sales brought in nearly R11 million more, quite a high average, but not reflecting reality.  The average sale price for 2014 was R3,183,636 – buyers having negotiated an average of -5.65% off the asking price, whilst in 2015 it is R3,499,615, dropping an average of -5.32% off asking prices.

Average days on market also fairly similar at 14 days last year and 18 this year. A recent article on Property24 states: “The slowing economy is starting to bite into the residential property market with sales and transfers dropping 7.1% in the third quarter of 2015 compared to the previous quarter.”  Obviously the writer is analysing stats for the whole of South Africa so it is understandable that the microcosm of Tokai would not look the same.

However it has to be said that in spite of this apparent decline, all things property are still looking pretty rosy in our neck of the woods.

Are you interested to know what your house is worth in today’s market?  Call Lisa Rowell on
082 844 0800 for a hassle-free, no strings, confidential evaluation and find out.

Tokai Property Snapshot – 3rd Quarter  2014 vs 2015
Detail 2014 2015
Total number of sales 11 13
Total value of sales 37,340,000 48,305,000
Average selling price 3,183,636 3,499,615
Average difference in ssking price -5.65% -5.32%
Average days on the market 14 18
(Source: Propstats, Tokai only – excl Lifestyle Estates and Zwaanswyk)

The Story of Michelle

michelleThousands of commuters pass her every day in Tokai and some might pause to wonder what drives a young lady to beg at the traffic lights, come rain, come shine.

I stopped and spoke to her today, this is her story:

A will to survive against the bad luck sent her way, a will to provide for her children and disabled husband who have come to rely on her for their everything, is what drives her there. Some people will give generously and some will buy the packets of biscuits she sells for a meagre profit, but most will not look her in the eye and rather drive away.  Understandable, it’s too hard to engage with such a sad scenario and one that represents everyone’s worst fears.

A few years ago Michelle’s husband became ill and is now confined to a wheelchair – unable to do much and certainly not able to work.  They gambled everything on a move from the Free State to an easier life in the Western Cape.  Responding to an ad on Gumtree for a house to rent, they were scammed of their life savings and ended up living in a car in Sea Point – Michelle, Clive and their five children – born when times were happier and more optimistic.

People complained and of course they had to move.  From one cheap rented accommodation to another, in parts of the city that exposed them and their children to addicts, gangsters and prejudice.

With help from the community Clive applied for and now receives a disability grant and there are also benefits paid for the children, but it’s only just enough to keep a roof over their heads in yet another poor part of the city where Michelle fears daily for the safety of her children.  Whatever Michelle makes from selling her biscuits goes towards extras like food on the table, nappies and school supplies.  Some days are better than others but Michelle has also now been robbed of her cellphone – a simple luxury she cannot afford to replace.

She doesn’t want much more than to be able to provide for her children, keep them safe and ensure they finish their schooling, and feels that by selling biscuits she has raised herself above the status of ‘beggar’.  So please, if you can bring yourself to do it – engage with her, say “Hi” and give her a smile – she will thrive knowing you’ve noticed her.  Of course if you have anything to donate then please do.  But don’t ignore her – she says that’s almost the worst thing she has to endure.

15 of the Very Best Braai Side Dishes

The Tokai blog and Chas Everitt wish all our Tokai residents a very happy Heritage Day.

Heritage Day

We have rounded up 15 of our favourite braai side dishes for you this Heritage Day! Enjoy!

1. Creamiest potato au gratin

2. Grilled sweetcorn

3. Creamy mushroom potato bake

4. Buttery, cheesy garlic bread

5. Creamy potato bake with caramelised onion

6. Butternut and onion gratin

7. Mielie bake

8. Biltong, feta and mushroom pap tert

9. Cauliflower with bacon and onion sauce

10. Baked bacon and spinach stuffed blooming onions

11. Bacon-wrapped mushroom

12. Potato salad with a twist

13. Creamy bacon potato salad

14. Braaied potato halves

15. Caramelised onion, potato and feta bake

Lekker braai” * Sourced from Food24

Revolution Food Fair Expands its Range

revolutionThe Revolution Food Fair Market is all about banting, with delicious eat-there treats and meals, as well as a wide variety of banting products and ingredients to take home. The market is now focusing on becoming a one-stop-banting-shop, expanding its offering to include a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as dairy products, with even more in the pipeline.

The next market will be held this coming Sunday 26 July 2015 – at its winter location in Tokai.

For now, the market will still be held once a month, but come summer organisers plan to add extra dates to the calendar.

Revolution Food Fair – Banting Market:

Where: Winter location:  Earth Fair Market, South Palms Centre, 333 Main Road, Tokai
When: Selected Sundays (generally first or last Sunday of the month) 10am-3.00pm.
Who to contact: Heather at 021 823 0149 or

TRADERS! Organisers are looking for new and exciting banting traders to join the market – contact Heather to find out more.

Tokai Property Snapshot

  2nd Quarter 2014 verses 2015
Total number of sales 15 14
Total Rand value 46,720,000.00 49,695,000.00
Average selling price 3,114,667.00 3,549,643.00
Average difference to asking price -6.5% -7.14%
Average days on the market 50 28

property inflationWith one less sale than for the same period last year, 2015’s Tokai performance looks quite rosy!

The total Rand value is up, the average selling price is up by R434,976, but the average difference between asking and selling price is almost .5% higher.

The biggest difference is number of days on market, houses have taken almost half the time to sell this year.

What does the market hold for the rest of the year?  No-one really knows, but with weak economic growth, the threat of rising interest rates and electricity costs, the property market is sure to be under pressure for the last six months of 2015.

What is your home worth in today’s vibrant seller’s market?  Are you interested in receiving a free evaluation?  Call Tokai Property Specialist Lisa Rowell on 082 844 0800 for any property related advice you may need.

Source: Propstats

Keep Your Kids Entertained this Holiday

BlueRouteIf you’re looking for ways to keep the family entertained over the upcoming school holidays, look no further than Blue Route Mall – your one-stop entertainment destination with something for everyone to enjoy.

For starters, kids can enjoy Lego fun with Kiddiwinks. From 30 June until 5 July, kids will be able to build to their hearts content at the Kiddiwinks Lego Fun Zone in the centre court on the ground floor from 9h30am to 4pm daily. Read more

Good Neighbourhood Security is Linked to Being a Good Neighbour

Meet-Neighbors.jpgIn these days of increased security concerns that are increasingly linked to load shedding we are all very stressed. We need to be responsible and help create a more harmonious environment for ourselves and your neighbours.

Whether your first home or you have been in your neighbourhood for awhile, keeping good relations with the neighbours can make a big difference in your quality of life and to security. Here are a few etiquette tips to reduce friction and keep the peace with your neighbours and enhance neighbourhood security.

Read more

Earth Fair Market

earth fairThe Earth Fair Market in Tokai is a great place to do your food shop. They have an excellent range of grass fed meat, real free range chicken, eggs, butter, dairy, organic veggies, fish and all kinds of breads. Enjoy live music too.

Earth Fair Market – Event Details:

Where: Earth Fair Market, South Palms Centre, 333 Main Road, Tokai (near Builders Warehouse)
When: 1st Saturday’s 6 June – 9am-2pm
Who to contact: