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Bergvliet HS Recycling Facility Closing

recycle-now-logo-1024x353Request from the Tokai Residents’ Association (TRA)

We have been informed that the Bergvliet High School recycling facility is closing down this Friday, 22 April.
(Unfortunately their notice did not meet the deadline of last week’s Constantiaberg Bulletin.)

We implore Tokai residents to continue recycling responsibly.  Details of what can be recycled and nearby recycling facilities are also listed on the Waste and Recycling page of the TRA website:

If you are aware of other local recycling outlets not on this list, please advise the TRA on

Please remember that recycling has been introduced to help the environment and reduce the amount of waste going to the landfills. Small fundraising opportunities by schools have developed from this initiative but recycling staff and volunteers have limited facilities:

Dirty items attract vermin and insects.  Any containers with old food will be discarded as rubbish and go to the landfill.  The recycling staff do not have the time or facilities to wash-up.  Perishable/wet items such as old food, dirty plastic food wrapping, babies’ nappies, sanitary items, tissues, etc are not acceptable for recycling and must go straight to waste.

Please do not leave recycling (or waste) outside a recycling facility when it is closed.  Nor should waste be left at Tokai Library or by a road, expecting someone else to pick it up!  This is classified as DUMPING.  Dumping is illegal and a fine can be implemented.
If anyone is seen dumping, please report it to the City of Cape Town (CoCT) with full details of “the dumper”, eg date, time, place, description of person/vehicle, description of ‘dump’ (garden, building waste, etc).  Photographic evidence is ideal.  CoCT contact details are:

Call Centre:  0860 103 089/ E-mail:


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