Roaming male baboon released near Lewis Gay Dam

Roaming male baboon released near Lewis Gay Dam

The City of Cape Town can confirm that a young male dispersing baboon from the Tokai troop was released near the Lewis Gay Dam on City-owned land earlier today, 15 February 2021.

The male baboon from the Tokai troop has been roaming the urban area and crossing the very busy M3 road on occasions over the past two weeks.

He was captured and returned to his natal Tokai troop on 6 February and 11 February 2021 respectively. However, he returned to the urban area on Saturday, 13 February 2021, and crossed the M3 again on Sunday, 14 February 2021.

In consultation with CapeNature and SANParks over the weekend, it was decided to capture and release the baboon in the South, where he will have the opportunity of joining either the Da Gama or Slangkop troops, or any of the other troops further south. The SPCA was also contacted.

Attempts to capture the baboon on Sunday were unsuccessful. NCC Environmental Services, who is contracted to manage the City’s Urban Baboon Programme, conducted the operation and the SPCA was also present.

The baboon was finally darted in Tokai this morning, 15 February 2021, and released near the Lewis Gay Dam on City-owned land. This move is in terms of the dispersing guidelines and supported by the best available scientific practice.

Baboon rangers will keep on monitoring the baboon as relocated baboons do not always integrate. The City further urges residents to please not follow this baboon and to allow him space so that he has the best chance of integrating.  

The urban area with its busy roads, domestic animals, people and unhealthy food, is dangerous for baboons. It is in the interest of the safety of baboons and the public that baboons remain wild and in their natural habitat.

The growth in the baboon population, a decline in natural foraging areas, and competition within troops for male dominance, among others, often lead to fragmenting troops and dispersing males. This is the case all over the world, and is of concern when baboons move through urban areas.

The City kindly requests residents from neighbourhoods adjacent to mountainous areas to please store wheelie bins in a safe space; to enclose vegetable gardens and composting areas; and to not leave food out for pets to discourage opportunistic foraging.

Residents can phone the Baboon Hotline number 071 588 6540 for assistance.

Top 10 Caves to Explore in and Around Cape Town

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Act For Change

Act For Change

Please get all details from Act For Change website

Join Africa’s Biggest Cleanup

When you throw something away – a piece of plastic, tin can, an old battery – where does it go? Do you realise there is no “away”?

And this devastating planet-wide problem of accumulating pollution is not going “away” either.

It’s time to come clean about the effects of our own everyday actions.

Join the Shoprite Group between 14-18 July by joining or hosting a cleanup in your area. Read more about this campaign.

For hosts

Choose a space / site close to your community that needs some love. Keep in mind:

  • Choose a safe area that has access to public transport or parking
  • An area with a recognisable landmark is helpful to ensure people find the starting point of the cleanup event on the day
  • Remember that if you want to cleanup private land, you need to get permission from the owner

We love local hosts

The host should be part of a local network, organisation or business:

  • We really want to engage communities and activate a big number of people to join ActForChange
  • This helps build trust, reaches a larger audience and provides support leading to a successful cleanup

The host will need to man the event on the day and drive awareness in his / her network

  • All hosts are required to count and report back the number of waste bags collected after reach event BECAUSE we need the information in order to substantiate the claim that we really hosted Africa’s biggest cleanup
  • Bags + gloves: All volunteers are requested to bring their own bags and gloves, however, should you wish to supply your volunteers with bags, kindly request a voucher that can be redeemed in any Shoprite or Checkers store in South Africa for a roll of Tuffy refuse bags by emailing (please note only a limited amount of vouchers are available for this purpose)
  • The ActForChange platform will send reminders to all registered volunteers for your event

    Please refer to website

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