Property Snapshot

Lightstone property watch
Some of the trends evident in South Africa’s residential property prior to the pandemic are continuing to play out, or in the case of property inflation, there appears to be a return to pre-2021 behaviour with inflation drifting downwards after a spike between 2019-2021.
In other developments covered in the April edition of our Property Newsletter, Freehold sales remain the highest of the three property types, but they are on a downward trajectory. Conversely, the value of purchases in Estates is higher than other property types, and rising more rapidly. Both these sets of data confirm a general trend evident in many towns of declining interest in Freehold and growing demand for Sectional Title and Estate living.

Perhaps most importantly, sales overall are declining as South Africans appear to be staying longer in existing homes, a sign of consolidation as the country works through the pandemic and tough economic times.

So what’s happening in Tokai?