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Endangered Plant Found at Tokai Park

From Cape Argus:

Cape Town – A new endangered plant species has been discovered in Tokai Park that has only been found six times before, at two localities.

The species is known as sedge, the Hidden Veldrush (Schoenus inconspicuus), which is listed as critically endangered.

Researchers from UCT first noticed the existence of the Hidden Veldrush plant in November last year. The plant is known from fewer than 10 plants on the planet.

Researcher Doug Euston-Brown said she found one plant during a species survey last year and showed it to another researcher. New species were discussed between them and this unique species was interesting material. On further searching, a total of three species were found.

The species closely resembles a common grass, the Cape Wire Grass (Tenaxia stricta). The leaf sheath of the two species is what differentiates them. The Hidden Veldrush also prefers deep and dry sands.

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