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Tokai watch on a drive for more cameras

The Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch is continuing with its drive to add more security cameras to those already in place.

The issue was discussed at the watch’s annual general meeting on Thursday March 24.

Speaking by video call because he was isolating with Covid, chairman Ed Bain said that in the past year they had installed another 20 cameras and had budget for an extra 13.

“We expect that there will be a take up of at least another 15 cameras. If we add the cameras provided by some of the security service providers, we expect to have over 60 analytics cameras in play by the end of the year.”

He said the camera network has contributed to a number of arrests and recovery of stolen goods over the past year. Kirstenhof police were asked to comment on this but did not respond.

Tokai covers eight zones, from Forest Glade in the west to Forest Avenue in the south, Vans and Keysers River roads east of the M3 and Tokai Park to the north.

Mr Bain said Tokai’s network of cameras flagged suspect vehicle and human movement at unexpected times and locations.

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