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TNCW Meeting a Success

The Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch Public meeting took place on the 24th July 2014.

T’was a dark and stormy night and indeed it seems a lot of people didn’t attend this very important forum for that reason.  Those who braved the weather and did come to support Mike Higgins and his team of doughty crime-watchers were not disappointed.  A riveting talk on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was given by Brian Rogers, the founder of support group Buddy Care and himself a sufferer.  It opened our eyes to the myriad ways that traumas big and small effect our lives and wellbeing.  Buddy Care is a new organisation looking for sponsors and partners – contact Brian direct if you feel you would like to participate or contribute in any way.  Buddy Care.
Patrollers Needed
Patrollers Needed

This presentation was then followed by an update on crime stats and a very interesting slide presentation showed, among other things, the correlation between the timing of crime incidents and the presence of neighbourhood watch patrollers.  The obvious point being more patrollers are needed.  A reportback on the security cameras was also given – highlighting how effective they have been in number-plate recognition and also as silent witnesses to incidents such as bike-jacking and burglaries.  The investment by Tokai residents is reaping the rewards, but please keep up your contributions to the Tokai Residents Association, as part of the funds raised will go towards the installation of more much-needed cameras.

Next, the patrollers were thanked and acknowledged for their hard work and dedication.  Like one big family they were applauded and rewarded for their ongoing contribution.
If you would like more information on what you can do to help keep crime in Tokai at bay contact the organizers via their website:  Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch


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