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Tokai Property Snapshot

What happened in The Hamlets this winter compared to last year, property-wise?

Good question and there is an interesting answer if one analyses the sales for the two periods, i.e. 1 June – 1 September 2014 vs 2015, as reported on Propstats.



Total number of sales



Total value of sales



Average selling price



Differential asking vs sale price



Average days on market




PropertyAnaylsisSo the main differences are that there were 60% more sales for the same period last year, but the average selling price increased by R334,233.00 and the number of days on market more than halved in 2015.  This can only mean we are still firmly in a sellers market cycle and if you are even remotely thinking of selling, your home could be worth more than you think.  The Hamlets is eternally popular with first time buyers or those wanting to scale down, so there’s no shortage of people queuing to get in.  But the secret is knowing who wants to sell!

What is your home worth in today’s buoyant market?  Ask me for a free, no obligation, confidential evaluation and find out. Lisa Rowell, Tokai Specialist for Chas Everitt, 082 844 0800, 021 712 5029,

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