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Update: The Story of Michelle

MichelleA big thank you to everyone in our community who has commented on the story we ran on Michelle, who sells biscuits at the M3 / Tokai off-ramp (Medi Cross side) to help support her family.  Michelle has informed Lisa that so many more people smile at or acknowledge her, and that biscuit sales have gone up too – a positive outcome for which she has been so grateful.
Michelle spoke about another project she undertakes at this time of year, “Christmas for her family”.  All that it involves is trying to find old toys or clothes that she can fix up as presents for her children – Dawid 17, Bradley 14, Abigale 7, Lenita 5 and Ziva 2.  If anyone within our community has anything that you are clearing out and have a moment, please pass them on to her – she will be so happy.

1 thought on “Update: The Story of Michelle”

  1. Does anybody know where she is now? We have gone past her every second week and for a long time we haven’t driven that road. Last Friday I noticed that she was gone. We still spoke about her. She and I always had such nice chats about her and her family. What a lovely lady.

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